The MediaMixer project is pleased to release a demo of semantic technologies facilitating copyright management in the context of User Generated Content.

It is a key issue for the media industry these days, in addition to unauthorised media reproduction and distribution, to control the reuse of media in user generated content (UGC). To solve this issue and avoid publishing content that infringes copyright, UGC services like YouTube offer mechanism to detect the unauthorised reuse of media, and give the choice to monetarise its use rather than take down the content. However, all the potential of this new revenue stream is at risk if copyright subtleties are not managed appropriately. For instance, if the same song is owned by different rights holders depending on the territory.

What is required is a scalable decision support system capable of integrating digital rights languages, like DDEX or ODRL, together with contracts or policies, like talent contracts or business policies.
MediaMixer semantic technologies provide a common and expressive framework where all these copyright information sources can be represented together.

See the demo video.

Test the online prototype.