The recent Metadata Developer Network Workshop organised by the EBU in Geneva on 5-6 June 2013 included a talk by Roberto García González of the University of Lleida. The subject was “facilitating media fragment mixing and its rights management using semantic technology” (slides online)

Our finding from the event was that broadcasters are progressively maturing towards applying semantic technology, perceiving opportunities there but taking slow steps to avoid internal technological disruptions, where many are now at the stage of working with structured data in the form of XML, mappings with XSLT etc.

MediaMixer will continue to work to encourage gradual adoption of the new technology through providing informative materials, highlighting use cases and preparing proof of concept demonstrators.

MediaMixer will be presented at the Metadata Developer Network Workshop 2013 (, organised by the European Broadcasters Union. June 5-6 2013, Geneva, Switzerland. The talk “MediaMixer: facilitating media fragments mixing and its rights management using semantic technologies” to be given by Roberto García of the University of Lleida will focus on how Media Fragments will be also linked to rights information based on a copyright ontology, which integrates licenses, policies and rights expressions based on existing standards like DDEX, ODRL or MPEG-21.