The daily news shows have become the TV broadcaster´s first reference to their viewers. But unfortunately, the delivery of just-in-time, high quality news shows has become more challenging over the last years, by the needs 1) to serve the cross-department workflow integrating the growing number of input channels, 2) for a more complex composition of news contents to serve additional distribution channels and 3) to further exploit the available vast archives and raw materials.

Regarding this challenges, the MediaMixer project offers to shift the workflow more towards the Media Fragment level and employ the MediaMixer toolset in a SmartNews use case. This allows to improve the news production through:

  • the cross-department retrieval for specific persons, places or objects inside the vast video content,
  • the establishment of a repository with re-usable video snippets improving the collaboration and shorten production time and
  • the more flexible composition of contents to serve different distribution channels such as Internet, TV, HbbTV or mobile TV. In addition, the semi-automatic Media Fragment identification and annotation of the MediaMixer toolset enables to better exploit the vast amount of footage and raw materials.

The MediaMixer project provides a demonstrator offering retrieval, recommendation and re-use of Media Fragments for newsroom editors in the “Climate” and “Renewable Energy” domains. 


News video material storage and retrieval for the broadcasters’ newsroom is promoted by the partner CONDAT providing search and recommendation support for the newsroom tool of ANNOVA1 GmbH for MediaMixer.

1 ANNOVA is one of the leading TV newsroom providers in Europe