MediaMixer co-ordinator Lyndon Nixon presented at the Internet of Education 2013 conference at Ljubljana, Slovenia (organised by project partner Jozef Stefan Institute) one possible MediaMixer future of e-learning. In this future, learning videos are mashed up to generate new learning offers for online learners, and such re-mixes could be the basis for new MOOC offers that are more flexible and personalised to individual learners. Dr Nixon noted that as e-learning materials become increasingly video, there are new requirements on how to retrieve relevant video by topic and access it in term of its parts (fragments), especially relevant for learners on the go or on mobile devices.

MediaMixer technology is a solution for this, as shown by our use case with VideoLectures.NET, the VideoLecturesMashup. This use case has been described previously, and the video of the demonstrator is also online.

Our slides on MediaMixing for e-learning are available:

Project coordinator Lyndon Nixon will speak at the Internet of Education conference, in Ljubljana, Slovenia this coming November 11, 2013. (seeĀ

The already booked out event will bring together researchers and policy makers from both university and academia to research into methods for improving the effectiveness of video based MOOC education.

Dr Nixon will highlight the MediaMixer offer of semantic media and media fragments, concretely demonstrating its benefits in an extension of the VideoLectures.NET platform in which learning videos can be explored by topic, across collections, in the form of sequences of different video fragments which are annotated with the same terms.