We are delighted to announce that the MediaMixer partner UdL’s presentation entitled “Linked Data: the Entry Point for Worldwide Media Fragments Re-use and Copyright Management?” has been invited to be presented at the 2013 Semantic Technology & Business Conference – NYC.

Roberto GarcĂ­a Gonzalez will present on the conference 1st day, 2nd October 2013, this MediaMixer case study on future Content Management:

“One of the biggest barriers for the uptake of a Web of Media is the availability of easy ways to reuse media fragments and manage their copyright. Existing proposals provide limited solutions or find it difficult to scale to the Web. MediaMixer contributes state of the art techniques for media fragment detection and semantic annotation.

This is complemented with copyright management integrated into the Web fabric, using Linked Data principles and reasoning based on a Copyright Ontology. Altogether, it can make possible to navigate the Web retrieving the metadata describing a piece of content to be reused, linked to the agreement about its copyright, the parties that will share the revenue, etc.

A typical MediaMixer demo involves:

* Fragmenting media assets

* Annotating them using semantic descriptions

* Modeling licenses, policies,… using the Copyright Ontology

* Exposing them for fragment level retrieval and re-use, including copyright reasoning”