We are pleased to announce the 1st edition of the Winter School on Multimedia Processing and Applications, featuring speakers from the MediaMixer project and invited experts from EU projects and industry.

The winter school aims at offering participants from all over the world – both PhD/MSc students and young researchers – training on the latest technological developments in the area of multimedia processing (media analysis, media annotation, media rights management) and of emerging multimedia applications (in the Sensor Web, audiovisual archives, TV broadcasting, digital preservation and e-learning domains).

The school will combine delivering in-depth lectures with giving to its participants the possibility for gaining hands-on experience on the use of new multimedia processing techniques (e.g. media fragment annotation and re-use technologies), and on the effectiveness, privacy etc. issues that may arise. The latest R&D in EU funded projects and latest insights from experts in the industry domains which stand to benefit from these new technologies will help students to appreciate the state of the art and future chances for industry adoption. The school will also support the close interaction between the students and all participants of the co-located Multimedia Modeling (MMM’14) conference; among other possibilities, all school’s students will have the chance to bring a poster describing their current research work and present it in a joint winter school – MMM’14 poster session.

For more details including the full schedule and list of speakers, see http://winterschool.mediamixer.eu  

MediaMixer has published two new tutorials on its community portal, free to access by registered members:

They cover techniques and technologies to analyse media assets in order to determine the significant spatial and temporal regions which can be defined as separate media fragments. Each fragment can then be individually annotated with the concepts and topics they represent, using structured annotation models and ontologies to allow for semantic search and machine-automated processing.

The combination of these technologies can allow media owners to better prepare their media for retrieval and re-use, both internally and if desired by external parties who may have to agree to a specified license and/or pay a fee. Future tutorials by MediaMixer will address the topics of media fragment management, rights and re-use!