MediaMixer project is proud to be a sponsor of the ACM Multimedia 2013 conference (ACMMM13). As one of the leading multimedia research events, MediaMixer is actively looking there to promote the innovative semantic multimedia and media fragment technology that it believes can help build a new generation of multimedia systems.

During ACMMM13, MediaMixer will announce the winner of its ACM Grand Challenge, highlighting the role of automated segmentation and annotation of video in enabling an industry partner (VideoLectures.NET) to offer a new service around its e-learning video assets (VideoLecturesMashup).

MediaMixer will also be exhibiting in the conference industry demos area its use case demonstrators during the three days of ACMMM13, highlighting how MediaMixer promoted technology not only enables mashups of e-learning video (VideoLecturesMashup) but also access to media fragments for newsrooms and negotiating digital rights for media assets between media owners and media consumers.