The paper “Semantic Copyright Management of Media Fragments” will be presented at the DATA 2013 conference next July 30th. The paper, authored by Roberto GarcĂ­a, David CastellĂ  and Rosa Gil from MediaMixer partner Universitat de Lleida, describes the proposal of the European project MediaMixer for media reuse. Media fragments and the management of their rights, beyond simple access control, are the centrepieces of this proposal. The paper focuses on the latter, for which it is necessary to provide highly expressive rights representations that can be connected to media fragments. Ontologies provide enough expressive power and facilitate the implementation of copyright management solutions that can scale in such a scenario. The proposed Copyright Ontology is based on Semantic Web technologies, which facilitate implementations at the Web scale, can reuse existing recommendations for media fragments identifiers and interoperate with existing standards. To illustrate these benefits, the papers presents a use case where the ontology is used to enable copyright reasoning on top of DDEX data, the industry standard for information exchange along media value chains. Attend DATA2013 and learn more, and get the background information and MediaMixer tutorial via our community.

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