The MediaMixer project is pleased to announce the release of the recording of our recent Webinar on Describing Media Assets, given by Raphael Troncy of EURECOM. In this talk he explains how semantic descriptions of non-textual media available on the Web can facilitate retrieval, re-use and presentation of media assets.

He first presents the Media Fragment URI specification, a recent W3C recommendation that enables to uniquely identifying sub-parts of media assets in the same way that the fragment identifier in the URI can refer to part of an HTML or XML document. Then models and ontologies are described that we will illustrate with several real world applications using semantic annotations attached to media fragments.

This is the second in a set of Webinars on MediaMixer technology and their benefits for the enterprise, see for the full schedule and past Webinar recordings.

MediaMixer Webinars are made possible thanks to the Jozef Stefan Institute and VideoLectures.NET.

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