Our colleague Vasileios Mezaris (CERTH) will hold the next live Webinar on 14 November (1100 CET) at http://www.mediamixer.eu/live.  It is titled “Fragmenting your Media Assets meaningfully – media analysis for fragment detection and extraction“.

The Webinar will discuss a set of video processing techniques for media fragment creation and annotation. These include techniques for the temporal segmentation of the video into shots and scenes, the re-detection of appearances of specific objects throughout the video, and the detection of concepts that describe the temporal video fragments. Such techniques are the first step towards converting the raw video material into meaningful media fragments.

Join the live presentation and discuss with us via Twitter @project_mmixer. Webinars are also recorded and will be available online at http://mediamixer.eu/live later. MediaMixer community members receive regular mails reminding them of MediaMixer activities – join free at http://community.mediamixer.eu 

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