The EBU Semantic Web Activity Report provides an introduction to Semantic Web technologies for the EBU members and illustrates them through several use cases in the broadcast environment. As the report itself states:

The purpose of this report is to raise awareness on the importance and high potential of Semantic Web technologies now rapidly developing from initial conceptual prototypes to services in real production also in the broadcasting and media domain. Several successful applications of these technologies now exist for media archives. Others are being considered to enrich second-screen applications or search engines.

MediaMixer is pleased to have been able to contribute to the report (Section 8), highlighting the use case of re-using media fragments from archived video footage (e.g. to lower cost of new media productions) and pointing to technologies and tools in the areas of Media Fragment Creation, Description, Rights and Management. This is a summary of our very own Core Technology Report, available to community members for free.

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