MediaMixer is pleased to be a sponsor of the Createsphere DAM Conference in New York, 7-8 October 2013. Our goal is to show semantic technologies for media fragments and copyright management to the Digital Assets Management industry in the USA, through one of the main conferences about this topic.

The MediaMixer project and community promote the use of semantic technologies for media mixing through real use cases and demos that showcase them. A typical MediaMixer demo will involve fragmenting media assets, annotating them using semantic descriptions and exposing these descriptions to customers, for fragment level search and selection. Fragments will be also linked to rights information based on a copyright ontology, which integrates licenses, policies and rights expressions based on existing standards like DDEX, ODRL or MPEG-21. At the conference MediaMixer will present the demo built so far for the “Rights Intelligence and Integration” use cases where semantic technologies solve real problems related with digital asset management, in this case media rights expression and negotiation.

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