One of the challenges faced by the MediaMixer consortium is that there is no pre-existing industry “buzzword” or well-defined market segment for “semantic multimedia”, or combining “the web” (the application of fragment URIs and linked data in particular) across the broadcast and media value chain. MediaMixer’s community represents part of the solution, by providing a focal point where these techniques may be brought together, drawing together common strands from more established segments.

IBC is the foremost media conference for the broadcast-related industry. The “Booster” was the first event of its type for IBC, promoting interactive formats designed to address the need for delegates from all areas of the media value chain associated with broadcast, to better share insights and information regarding their innovations and future predictions. MediaMixer is predicated on the assumption that semantic multimedia and specific W3C web standards being important in the future, so it was beneficial to the project and industry attendees that MediaMixer was visible at the event. Most presentations required audience participation. The two themes, “Cloud” and “Connecting Content”, are both umbrella themes that broadly encompass the touch points the industry has with MediaMixer’s topics.

MediaMixer is pleased to have been Silver Sponsor at this event and our colleague Martin Dow had the pleasure to engage with attendees on the MediaMixer offer and benefits of community membership. Martin will speak again about MediaMixer at a FOCAL Metadata conference in London on July 10, 2013.

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