MediaMixer partner JSI will present the project demos on e-learning, news and media rights management this week during a fully booked workshop at Online Educa (Berlin, 4-6 December).

The Wednesday afternoon workshop “Artificial Intelligence Methods for Online-Based Education” has as its aims:

  • To present state-of-the-art machine translation methods and tools
  • To present state-of-the-art user profiling, aggregation and methods and tools
  • To present state-of-the-art cross lingual knowledge technologies
  • To present success stories from similar domains
  • To discuss future directions and potential projects

The participants as an outcome of the workshop will be able to understand how new technologies offer universities and academic communities new solutions to old and familiar problems. Higher education is trying to catch up with the changes of the digital age and the internet, and so the main goal of this half-day event is to clarify how emerging technologies, based on machine learning, machine translation, text mining, semantic web, open access, academic video journals, free video libraries, open lecture capture systems, OER and more, can change and help co-create emerging publishing, curriculum, designation, filtration, validation and research trends in Academia in Europe and in general.

For non-attendees, the demo videos can be seen at

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