This month, June 2013, MediaMixer partner Acuity Unlimited will be present at two media events, the Sheffield Doc/Fest on June 12 and the IBC London Technology Booster on June 25-26. Meet our representative Martin Dow to learn more about MediaMixer’s offer to community members:

  • the Crossover Interactive Summit focuses on Transformers, people who want to change the world and have moved from one platform to another to do so: filmmakers creating apps, doc producers moving to social platforms, app designers making hardware and video game developers making physical objects. Acuity can explain web standards-oriented media technologies to enable diverse possibilities for media access and reuse across multi-platform production contexts.
  • IBC’s inaugural London based conference will cover today’s two hottest technology topics – Connected Content and The Cloud. Such “new technologies for connecting content to consumers” include what MediaMixer promotes, and Acuity can explain MediaMixer’s semantic and web standards-oriented approach to fine-grained Connected Content, and the significant role played by linked data on the web to media management, rights management and metadata enrichment in the Cloud.
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