MediaMixer will give its next LIVE Webinar – online at – on February 3rd at 1130 CET on the topic of Semantic Management of your Media Fragments Rights

This webinar continues with the MediaMixer semantics-based media workflow. Once media has been fragmented and fragments semantically annotated, it is time to manage them. Digital Asset Management (DAM) solutions empowered by semantic technologies help managing assets lifecycle at the fragment level. This includes copyright management to facilitate their reuse and exploitation. MediaMixer proposes the use of a copyright ontology based on semantic technologies, which models access control policies and offers the possibility of automating licence checks and filtering of available content against their terms of use. In this case, semantic technologies make it possible to go beyond Digital Rights Management and, because it is possible to model copyright through the whole media value chain, manage media rights from creation or remix to end-user consumption.

Join us on February 3rd, 1130 CET, live with Q&A via Twitter and TitanPad at

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