MediaMixer partner University of Lleida gave a presentation at the DATA 2013 conference, which is focused on Data Management Technologies and Applications, entitled “Semantic Copyright Management of Media Fragments”.

DATA was an interesting venue from the point of view of DRM systems, one of the conference topics. Therefore, a good place to discuss a semantic approach to DRM. The proposal was well received and seen as a interesting approach to global DRM. In this sense, the value was perceived in moving beyond “Digital Restrictions Management” to full Copyright management embedded in a web of linked media and data. Moreover, as a venue devoted to data and particularly with an interest in open data, there was a great interest in applying semantic rights management to open data licenses. 
MediaMixer develops a demonstrator for semantic rights management for media fragments, to be launched in October (and seen during the ACM Multimedia 2013 conference). Check out the published Rights Intelligence use case and the DATA 2013 conference slides.

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