Tomorrow, 22 November 2013, Martin Dow of project partner ACUITY Unlimited will speak at Archiving Tomorrow 2013 on “MediaMixer technologies: semantic multimedia and media archives”.

Archiving Tomorrow (AT-13) is a new international conference covering aspects of media archiving and restoration. Chaired and supported by leading figures in the film, media and broadcast communities, Archiving Tomorrow will become the premier annual event for archivists, film makers, creatives, academics, manufacturers and those wishing to find out about this exciting area.

MediaMixer is pleased to be involved and to present how the technology it promotes – semantic annotations applied to media fragments – can be used in media archives to improve media search and retrieval at fragment level. We believe the application of MediaMixer technology can contribute to archive materials’ re-use, re-mixing and even re-selling, respecting digital rights and owners’ copyright.

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