We are happy to announce the 1st International Workshop on Social Events in Web Multimedia, taking place in conjunction with ICMR 2014 (Glasgow, Scotland).

The modeling, detection and processing of events in video is an area that has started to receive considerable attention by the multimedia community, and is supported by both the LinkedTV and MediaMixer projects, who promote the value of richer annotation of web multimedia to industry communities such as broadcasters, media archives and producers.

This Workshop aims to attract and present the latest developments and results on the discovery of social events from web multimedia content, and on techniques for the detection and retrieval of media items that are related to such social events. By social events, we refer to events that are planned by people, are attended by people, and are represented by multimedia and in general social media content that is captured by people.

The target audience of this workshop includes all researchers and practitioners interested in the better understanding of multimedia retrieval and of events in the context of the Web and/or social networks. Submission of papers deadline is February 1st 2014, for more see the Call for Papers.

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